"Design is thinking made visual."

- Saul Bass

State of the Future : version 19.0


State of the Future

Version 19.0

Future society, the most important thing to mankind.

Thomas Watson(IBM) predicted that he could sell three computers after invented commercial computers. It is ridiculous to think about it now, but at that time it was a very natural 'prospect'. Even now, 30 and 50 years later, new technologies are being developed to change the world, but we can not imagine the future as it was in the past. Nevertheless, if we want to look closer to the future, we must change our mindset as fast as technology develops.


“An important example of using scientific methods and collective intelligence to help us understand and act better for the future.”
— Phil Mjwara, Director General, Ministry of Science & Technology, South Africa

“A high level, reliable intellectual compass for the conflict ridden, and uncertain world advancing toward the mid-century.”
— Mihály Simai, former Chairman, United Nations University

“The indispensable guide for futurists and aspiring global citizens everywhere.”
— Hazel Henderson, Futurist, author, CEO, Ethical Markets Media

“The State of the Future has proved useful for better addressing our resilience objectives.”
— Lina Liakou, Thessaloniki Vice Mayor and Chief Resilience Officer

“Great source of inspiration and focus to our organizations.”
— Michael Bodekaer, CEO, Learn-Technologies


PART 1. Enormous change : The existing government can not control the 'new government' alternative technology / block chain : replacing all duties of the administration / Block Chain Based 'Smart Contract' Parliament Substitution / direct democracy platform 'bit nations' / shared collaboration economy / more equitable shared economy Create platform 'backfeed'


PART 2. Destruction and Creation : New technology brings and destroys / Energy Transport Revolution 2025 / After Peak Cars, Customised Transportation Era / Artificial Intelligence Replaces Smartphones in 5 Years / Electronic Money and Pin Tech, Financial Revolution / Crowd Funding Replaces Stock Market / User-friendly interface is the key element of technology / Online training in 2025, machine learning is  a trend / A whole new way to film, not screen


PART 3. Problem solving : 2100 years to see through numbers / New platform for problem solving 'x Prizes' / Exams disappear, but education lasts forever / Language, English, Mathematic will be disappear and learn communication, creativity, analytical skills / How do manless vehicles make the best choice / Model of the future city 'China Smart eco-city' / Emergency relief supplies in the develop area with manless machine / The future agriculture being high-quality, cutting-edged / Insect is rapidly changing into food / Change-driven 'change making' / 12 Management Technologies to Overcome Future Challenges


PART 4. Fusion and connection : Machine and human symbiosis, meta-trend era / The age of convergence industry where existing management strategy can not be applied / 'Complete knowledge' to get the information you want anytime, anywhere / 2016 ~ 2020 Technology connecting the world  / How the Internet change the world


PART 5. Extension : Space war with America's greatest wealthy / Air production technology realisation will go to Mars in 2018 / Cubic satellite change development of space paradigm / Canada has obtained US patent license for space elevator / Change of expanding 2050 world / Range of celebrities is expanding / Everyone joins the crowd Science, Accelerating the progress of science / War of the future with robot / Dilemma of DNA manipulation technology


PART 6. Health life : Focusing on ageing than cancer, heart disease, and dementia / The birth of a cyborg with a superhero function / Synthetic biology is revolutionising the medical and energy sectors / Synthetic biology that creates life with artificial DNA / Future of anyone becoming a biotechnologist / Diagnosis of artificial intelligence more accurate than doctors / Rebuilding the old health care system


PART 7. Future Key Challenges : Climate change and sustainable development / Securing clean water resources / Population growth and resource balance / Diffusion of democracy / Long-term policy making / ICT convergence / Reducing the gap between rich and poor / Threat of new disease / Future of education / New security strategy, Ethnic conflict, Terrorism / Increasing of female status / International organised crime expansion / Increase in energy demand / Development of science and technology and quality of life / Ethical decision making

Interesting contents

In 2050, when the unemployment rate reaches 50%, 'employment' is no more important. It becomes important to redistribute wealth so that every member can maintain a quality life on an affluent earth, and as the need to work for a living disappear, people have a whole different goal to be  respected, rather than aiming for employment and economic success.


Future will looks like :  Increase in income gap / Economic growth without employment becomes a new standard / Rate of return on capital and technology is generally better than labor rate of return / Future technologies can replace human labor force in the long run. Structural unemployment is a general forecast of the economy


Amazing technologies to change the future: Increase in global Internet and information knowledge / 'Block chain' technology to replace government (Unlike traditional methods of keeping records on centralised servers during data transactions, Distributed Digital Books to Publish Content) / Genetics editing and the birth of a new person / The Age of Drones. Unmanned era changes life / The end of the petroleum era and the full-scale growth of solar energy / New blue ocean, energy storage device / Super antibiotics to overcome super bacteria / Falcon 9 that returned from mission, opens era of rocket recycling


Shared economy is a hot buzzword in technology companies. This includes companies like Uber, Task Rabbit and Airbnb. But while the share of value producers is small, the companies that coordinate the interaction between buyers and sellers have become abnormally rich.


Block Chain Principle: Public ledger decentralised to all users. When transactions occur, they must be approved by each participant. At this time, the person who confirming the transaction record stored in the block chain and approving the transaction is called "digger". To encourage the participation of miners who need to consume computing power and electricity, the bit coin system compensates the miners by paying a bit coin. A miner can profit by selling a bit coin, but it gets in trouble when competition between miners becomes fierce or bit coin prices collapse.


When unmanned vehicles come out, public transport can disappear. Unless there is an incentive to use public transportation, for example, unmanned cars may swallow public transport unless they are much cheaper than unmanned vehicles. When an unmanned automobile becomes the standard, it does not make much sense for an individual to own a car.


Online training, machine learning in 2025 (Overflowing content - you need technology to find high quality content / The closeness of interaction - learning that interacts with humans becomes a symbol of identity / Change of test - project-based, transition to unconstrained task or performance evaluation system / interaction of machine learning / Increase and expand the need for social and emotional learning)


With 4.7 billion pages of information available on the Web today, the biggest challenge for students is finding, evaluating, and synthesising information.


Finland announced that by 2020 it will replace the traditional classroom curriculum with a topic that emphasises 4C (communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration). These 4 skills are said to be the most appropriate technologies for the 'super-connected society' in which we live today, which is the core technology of teamwork and collaboration.


Future promising technologies to solve problems : Electronic money / Asteroid mining / Instant learning / Internet of things / Anti-aging of human beings / Unmanned drones service / Weather control technology / Instant sleep / Gravity control / High speed motion / Time control / Instant product decomposition / Duplication or 3D organ printing / 3D telepresence avatar / Artificial intelligence / Robot service / Swarm bot / Energy storage / Virtual phone number and virtual address service


Historical development has cost a lot and has created the gap between early adopters who can enjoy it through learning and those who can not. Therefore, efforts are needed to prevent the continuation of the gap in knowledge and intelligence.


Political environment In areas where economic conditions have deteriorated, immigrants are likely to increase and new conflicts are likely to arise. The United Nations estimates that 40% of internal conflicts have been related to natural resources for the last 60 years.


Activities for preventing and resolving conflicts must include non-governmental countries, and it is necessary to work on the strength of all relevant parties, including dialogue, taking into account the emotional sensitivity of hard-liners. There is also a need for a large public education program that encourages respect for diversity and promotes the unity that underlies diversity.


Free (or employer paid) child care services, their employment guarantee should be the basis for a strategy to improve the status of women.

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