This project supports the integration of the voluntary organisation Age UK Lambeth and Social Care at Lambeth Council. The organisations envision an ‘online, strengths-based pre-screening tool’, to improve the management of the high and unfiltered flow of requests from residents and their carers, who may be eligible for Social Care. Cost-cutting and better use of limited resources, especially to conduct assessment and volunteer services and to deliver better care, underpins the motivations of both organisations as they continue to develop a more integrated cooperation model with diminishing funds. Both organisations foresee a solution that is ‘digital’ due to its lower costs of deployment and which will help optimise the use of resources in Social Care by identifying non-eligible candidates and directing them with more efficacy to existing services (e.g. MySocial, Services Directory). This will free up critical resources to conduct in-depth assessments on urgent cases who may be in greater need of care.